Defining Davide Femminino just a bass player would be definitely unfair. Ever- chasing beauty, he is an eclectic artist, feel-good vibe painter whenever he shows up in gigs. “I’ve always appreciated Davide’s perfectly matching and never out of border sound while in orchestral session. Excellent sight-reader, he knows exactly how to deal with modern language and classical music, that’s why I call him a fully-fledged artist”.
Alberto Maniaci – Conductor, composer, pianist

Davide Femminino

Double Bass - Electric bass - Keyboard Synt bass - Composer - Arranger

With a Bachelor in classical double bass and a Master Degree in electric bass, Davide Femminino is an eclectic musician. He has performed all over the world experiencing all kind of stages (theaters, shows and clubs), that allow him to increase his musical and cultural background, ranging from classic, jazz, opera to rock music..


Ian Paice (Deep Purple) per il concerto tributo con orchestra a Jon Lord, Radio Italia, Teatro Massimo di Palermo, Orchestra Sinfonica Siciliana, M° Roberto Molinelli, Desirèe Rancatore, Johan Boding, Andrea Braido, Francesco Buzzurro, Google Camp, Fabrizio Bosso, Chiara Civello, The Brass Group, Palermo Classica, Rusanda Panfili, M° Alberto Maniaci, J. Stockhammer, Aida Satta Flores, Jumpinʼup, Umberto Porcaro, Daria Biancardi, Giuliana Di Liberto, Alessandra Salerno, Massimiliano Cusumano, Giuseppe Milici, Francesco Baccini, Paolo Vallesi